socrates martinis ‘fusil photographique’

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hi all

nothing but a shortish update around the fusil photographique tape.
sooner a later a proper one will be uploaded on noise-below around the news between aug / sep 12 till dec 13. in the way of absurd,  like pages from a scrapbook…

love & noise

(, organized music from thessaloniki ( & the other 1/2 of (a real time fairytale as a work in progress)

socrates martinis ‘fusil photographique’

thanks to an enthusiasm in etienne jules marey’s chronophotographic gun and various other discussions held in autumn 2013, socrates martinis presents 8 tracks (assembled into 1 monolith) on an 1sided tape created with such a ferocious intensity that  evoke perhaps his most primitive but also his most unique side so far. a sound journey as if you are experiencing an audio play of the photographic gun . it wouldn’t have been a better release on the other hand to celebrate unofficially the 10th anniversary of his first release on absurd in 2004 but also the 25th anniversary of noise-below nicolas’s first tape release / tape label.

tape limited to 50 copies

coming sooner or later

afroditi psarra / georgios karamanolakis split cs
mikael muennich / tom smith split cs
comapoint ‘the moon is you / at the toy room’ cs
adam_is & aux / yparhei provlima amalia cs
aspe(c)t / dave phillips ‘medusa’ cd
blackhumour ‘various pieces’ cd

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the wrong end of the telescope presents: weird fairytales LP

(the 2nd issue of the fanzine ‘the wrong end of the telescope’) 12/2011

constructed under an enthusiasm for fairytales, stories & influenced from various 7″s/LPs of my children’s records collection, ‘weird fairytales’ was born as a farewell edition for the transformation of absurd from chrysallis to a butterfly that then flew to eternity in xanthi last december (2010) but due to the limited time for its construction & release gave me the chance for a new trilogy was given so got hooked on it and the frans de waard / howard stelzer 7″ was issued as its 1st part and now comes the 2nd installment a compilation of fairytales & stories from greece and the rest of the world narrated by michel doneda (france), leif elggren (sweden), sonic catering band (uk), if,bwana (usa), geoff dugan (usa), vague (switzerland) & from greece, sokrates martinis, spyros fengos, dimitri karageorgos, nikos kyriazopoulos, adam_is telling us their beloved fairytales or creating new stories or even transfering stories of places they’ve been and were told in this 2nd part (which will be completed later with fairytales and stories about total destruction, death and rebirth) which is constructed as various of my beloved children’s records one side of which includes the more ‘musical’ part (therefore the sound construction side is the first) whereas the other has the narration (in this case treated voices & sounds plus 2 narration parts). having as cover the photo of a fellow conceptualist of little amaryllis elafrou who was given as a friend from a forest to her sometime ago, printed & designed by mikes adamis.

issue limited to 200 copies.

παράξενα παραμύθια
(ή το δεύτερο τεύχος του fanzine ‘η λάθος άκρη του τηλεσκόπιου’) 12/2011

δημιουργημένο εν μέσω εμμονών με παραμύθια, ιστορίες και επηρεασμένο απο αρκετά βινύλια απο τη συλλογή των παιδικών δίσκων μου τα παράξενα παραμύθια γεννήθηκαν ως αποχαιρετιστήρια ιδέα για το τελευταίο τίναγμα των φτερών του absurd την ώρα που απο χρυσαλλίδα μεταμορφωνόταν σε πεταλούδα στην πόλη της ξάνθης το δεκέμβρη του 2010. λόγω έλλειψης χρόνου δώθηκε μια ευκαιρία για να ξεκινήσω μία τριλογία, αρχή της το 7″ των howard stelzer / frans de waard και τώρα η συνέχεια μια συλλογή με παραμύθια και ιστορίες απο την ελλάδα και τον υπόλοιπο κόσμο με αφηγητές τους michel doneda (γαλλία), sonic catering band (αγγλία), if,bwana (αμερική), geoff dugan (αμερική), vague (ελβετία), leif elggren (σουηδία) & απο ελλάδα τους σωκράτη μαρτίνη, νίκο κυριαζόπουλο, adam_is, σπύρο φέγγο, να αφηγούνται με το δικό τους τρόπο αγαπημένα τους παραμύθια, να εξιστορούν νέες διηγήσεις ή να μεταφέρουν ιστορίες που τους είπαν μέρη στα οποία βρέθηκαν σε αυτό το δεύτερο μέρος (που θα ολοκληρωθεί με ιστορίες και παραμύθια απόλυτης καταστροφής θανάτου και αναγέννησης). στημένη όπως αρκετοί αγαπημένοι μου παιδικοί δίσκοι όπου η μία πλευρά ήταν συνήθως η πιο ‘μουσική’ στην προκειμένη είναι η ηχητική ενώ η άλλη είχε την αφήγηση. στην προκειμένη έχουμε ήχο με φωνή και δύο απλές αφηγήσεις. με φωτογραφία εξωφύλλου ενός συνοδοιπόρου που χάρισε ένα δάσος κάποτε στη μικρή αμαρυλίς ελαφρού και έστησε ο μικές αδάμης αναλαμβάνοντας και την εκτύπωση του.

το τεύχος κυκλοφορεί σε 200 αντίτυπα.

γάμος και το αρνητικό

(a short memento from one of the bye-bye butterfly events that took place back in december 2010 in xanthi, as documented by Thanasis Chondros & Alexandra Katsiani, more info at sokratis’ blog here)

γάμος και το αρνητικό, στιγμιότυπα από την εικαστική δράση που παρουσίασαν ο Σωκράτης Μαρτίνης και η Ηλέκτρα Παπαθανασοπούλου στο πλαίσιο του bye bye butterfly (Ξάνθη 4 Δεκεμβρίου 2010, στο Σπίτι Πολιτισμού της ΦΕΞ).
Πρώτα σε βίντεο ο ορίζοντας ορίζεται από δυο ανοικτά γυναικεία πόδια. Ο Σ.Μ. σχεδιάζει το περίγραμμα των ποδιών της Η.Π. ώστε μετά να πετύχει να δώσει την προβολή του αιδοίου της με διαβήτη.

wedding and the negative, excerpt from a performance by Socrates Martinis and Electra Papathanasopoulou as part of bye bye butterfly (Xanthi 4th of December 2010).
Video projection with the distance between two wide-open woman legs as horizon, and the projection of the vulva, set between the parentheses of the inner foot arches.

summer reviewed: socrates martinis – small hand of bronze

a collection of poems & ink paintings

(click on the image for full view)

socrates martinis, best known in these parts from his audio projects (absurd #38, absurd #72 and absurd #79), had a small paperback book released some weeks ago on editions Farfoulas (Athens, Greece). It is a beautiful bilingual edition, available locally as well as from drone records’ mailorder

check socrates’ blog for more info:

au seuil de la liberté (diptych)

here’s one that’s been available for a while, but i hesitated to write about it

i hesitated because it’s bloody good, and i wanted to spend some time and write something more substantial about it

(but as it usually happens, i have yet to dedicate the time, and i fear it will unceremoniously disappear in the torrents of online information)

so without further ado, here’s the latest release by Socrates Martinis. After many aliases (each for every record actually; nixilx.nijilx, Hélice Pied and blanco estira nuestro (+), hermana Hélice were the previous ones) this one comes without a discernible artist name, with only the work’s title to mark its territory. But this is unimportant

the 7″ comes in coloured vinyl, it contains “field recordings & objects composed by Martinis”. I’d attempt to descibe it as raw (though not really violent), unpredictable and visceral. But like most works that contain this kind of material one cannot really anticipate what’s contained within, in terms of direction, quality, approach, etc -merely by description. Though the true gems in the area always seem to shine through, and this is one of those gems. Wish i had a portable vinyl player to blast it through the afternoon

au seuil de la liberté (diptych)
absurd #79
7″ edition

available from absurd