Rotterdam (field recording mini-series)

by yiorgis sakellariou:

In April 2012 I was in Rotterdam for a mini-residency at Worm studio, in collaboration with sound artist Roel Meelkop. The “concept” was really simple: We had to compose and perform a piece based on field recordings of Rotterdam, combined with sounds from the analog synthesizers that are available at Worm. We started from the environmental recordings, and since Roel is a Rotterdam resident he already had in mind many interest places to sonically explore.
Among others was the Maastunnel, which is dug under Nieuwe Maas river. The tunnel connects the two sides of the city and it plays a very important part in the transportation network. Regarding the sounds it offered, we were not disappointed at all. On the contrary, we were able to hear and record the  tunnel’s static ambience, the squealing of the escalators placed at the end of both sides, distant thumps, people walking by and even the security woman that came at some point and asked for explanations about what the hell we were doing there for such a long time. My apologies but that encounter is omitted from the selected recording that’s uploaded.
Edited sounds from the tunnel were used in the final studio piece we prepared which was also performed live a few days later at concerts in Rotterdam, Den Haag and Nijmegen.

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