Mecha/Orga in the Netherlands & Belgium

Greek-born and current Lithuanian resident Yiorgis Sakellariou (a.k.a. Mecha/Orga), will be packing his fields & drones and taking them to the land of the Netherlands in a few days. It’s not his first visit in the region, so it’s safe to say they like him there, so much that he will be collaborating with such eminent gentlemen like Roel Meelkop & Jos Smolders. Right on!

a gig in Brussels, Belgium has been also added

April 26, Rotterdam: Aether: Tones and Talks #12 @ foundationB.a.d (link)
April 27, Rotterdam: Implausible Music #1 @ Worm, duet with Roel Meelkop (link)
April 28, Den Haag: Stichting Centrum, solo and duet with Roel Meelkop
May 03, Nijmegen: Brombron @ Extrapol, trio with Jos Smolders and Roel Meelkop (link)
May 04, Brussels: HS63, solo (link)