Mecha/Orga in the Netherlands & Belgium

Greek-born and current Lithuanian resident Yiorgis Sakellariou (a.k.a. Mecha/Orga), will be packing his fields & drones and taking them to the land of the Netherlands in a few days. It’s not his first visit in the region, so it’s safe to say they like him there, so much that he will be collaborating with such eminent gentlemen like Roel Meelkop & Jos Smolders. Right on!

a gig in Brussels, Belgium has been also added

April 26, Rotterdam: Aether: Tones and Talks #12 @ foundationB.a.d (link)
April 27, Rotterdam: Implausible Music #1 @ Worm, duet with Roel Meelkop (link)
April 28, Den Haag: Stichting Centrum, solo and duet with Roel Meelkop
May 03, Nijmegen: Brombron @ Extrapol, trio with Jos Smolders and Roel Meelkop (link)
May 04, Brussels: HS63, solo (link)


on echomusic: Luis Antero – Postais Sonoros

the echomusic net label presents Luis Antero’s ‘Postais Sonoros’ (Field recordings from Portugal). In which Antero (field recordist, net label and radio program curator), offers 40 sonic post cards from various locations of Portugal:

more info and high quality wav files here

When we come to a country or a location in a country, we see in their local cards locations precious documents of those places, testimonies of memory over time, whose noble function is to put in front of our eyes, the special moment that led us to visit a particular place. The cards are so the testimony of that passionate passage who can take us, over and over, to recall the places where we always look for them. And if the cards were also sound, carrying in its shape the sounds we heard and shared in that special place?

This work aims, precisely, to try to give an answer to this question. We want to listen to as a randomized collection of sound cards of certain zones of Portugal, from Serra da Estrela to Lisbon.

There wasn’t a logical criterion in the presentation of these 40 tracks. Just the idea of seeing, in a random way, villages, towns, cities, mountains or sea cards from this huge (although geographically small) country, “planted by the sea” and its rich and deep sound identities.