Mike Bullock/Betrand Gauguet/Andy Guhl swiss tour

Mike Bullock (audio/video modular synthesizer) http://finenoiseandlight.net/
Bertrand Gauguet (saxophone, objects) http://www.bertrandgauguet.com/
Andy Guhl (cracked everyday electronics and video) http://andy.guhl.net/

10 April: Trio. WIM, Zurich http://www.wimmusic.ch/page35/page35.html
11 April: Duo with Andy. Atelier concert, St. Gallen
14 April: Trio. Plattfon, Basel http://www.plattfon.ch/
21 April: Duo with Bertrand. Atelier concert, Basel http://www.christophschiller.net/atelier.htm
22 April: Trio. Cave 12, Geneva, http://www.cave12.org/MICHAEL-T-BULLOCK-BERTRAND-GAUGUET

These shows bookend a weeklong field recording workshop Mike will be conducting at Sonic, the sound studies module of Le Quai in Mulhouse, France: http://sonic.lequai.fr/index.php?/nouvelle/workshops/