unan & nikos kyriazopoulos have a split tape out on ‘noise, a few decks below’, celebrate it with a release concert this friday

athens-based artists unan (chris chondropoulos) and nikos kyriazopoulos, have a new split tape out on noise, a few decks below (this very website that is, the tape is actually co-produced by organized music from thessaloniki and a question of re_entry). The two sides contain each artist’s idiosyncratic take on the subject of bird-song. Unan offers a little musique concrete gem, built from the base up from re-purposed old vinyl, while Kyriazopoulos takes the quasi-mimetic path (though doesn’t limit himself to it) using his arsenal of analog electronics.

unan / nikos kyriazopoulos – mimus / skua
organized music from thessaloniki t17 / a question of re_entry q12
c43, 100 copies on pink cassette

direct purchase and more info, here:

to add insult to injury, they have decided to stage a release party of sorts this friday, in the shape of a double-bill concert at knot gallery, athens. Featuring kyriazopoulos, and local experimental band xysm, of which chris is a proud member, this gig will be a nice opportunity to catch up with some of athens’ more forward-looking experimentalists, and to warm up for what looks to be a busy and noisy weekend.

Nikos Kyriazopoulos
Friday, February 24; 21:00
@ Knot Gallery, Athens
Michalakopoulou 206 & Pyrrou
5 eu