Mai Pen Rai, frog sounds from Bali & Thailand on vinyl; from orila & rekem

Mai Pen Rai
orl 07 / rekem 02

Thai & Balinese frog rock field recordings
7” (pressed on a 12″ platter) and eco sky lantern
packed in a custom-made, silk-screened frog rock tote bag.

Mai Pen Rai is an edition of two releases in one, or how two random recordings of a travelogue fit together and after a four year journey are finally released…

the first and the third track of the record capture the experience of Maya Lavda in the summer 2008 during a trip to Bali, where, while shooting with her video camera she noticed frog sounds behind a closed door which she followed to record with her camera. Revisited after the trip, these sounds revealed themselves fitting for a mantra-like locked groove record.

the second track comes from orila’s journey in Thailand over the summer of 2009. Following an after-storm quest for the sound – that a permanent resident jokingly referred to as the sounds produced by water buffaloes – the true origin revealed itself within a scene of majestic nature. In remembrance of this experience, every copy of this release is accompanied by a Thai sky lantern.

as the passion for the frogs was growing both in orila and rekem we decided to unite these findings in the form of a 7″ cut on a 12” plate. This way, these recordings would not only remind us of the actual journey(s), but also the ideas around which a substantial part of our lives evolved through the last four years.

And they lived happily ever after