forget-me-nots #2: two new editions of phase!

ok, here it’s much more understandable how i’d miss these as phase! had the good sense of announcing their two latest editions on the evening of december 29 out of all days. Maybe they were trying to beat the clock and not release anything on a jinxed year such as 2012 -though i doubt that. Anyway, two greek projects, beaTol & the Eagol‘s ‘Ολντ Σκουλ’ is an idiosyncratic plunderphonic pop something, certainly a curio. Proper pop music for the dazed and terminally sane. On ΤΟ ΔΥΟ ΕΥΡΩ‘s ‘Το Βασίλειο του Χοντρού’ i have very little to say cause i’m not familiar with the project, suffice to say though that the credits (vocals / chant / prose by one member, and musical accompaniment by the other) are promising. They are also described as a ‘greek transvestite duo’, don’t know if that’s an actual description or if it’s meant to suggest something in the music. Both discs come in lovingly packaged and severely limited cdr editions.

specifics on phase!’s page here