Ennio Mazzon, Michael Chocholak & Ooy; on triple bath

triple bath’s got new treats

Ennio Mazzon | “Azure Allochiria”

“Azure Allochiria” (from the greek words “allo” and “chira” meaning “other” and “hand” respectively) is Ennio Mazzon’s first solely electronic audio work, after several ones based on field recordings that have been released on physical or digital format, on labels like Time Theory, Impulsive Habitat, Q-tone, Audiotalaia, Resting Bell and his own Ripples label over the course of the last three years. This, being the latest music product of the Italian sound artist, is an electronic environment filled with slivers of sounds, formless at first sight but very cohesive when the reflections and rebounds of the sonic entities unveil the richness and dimension of the sonic whole. more info & samples here

Michael Chocholak & Ooy | “The Hadron Suite”

Michael Chocholak, electroacoustic composer from Oregon and Ooy, electronic composer from Tokyo and member of Conrad Schnitzler’s reformed Kluster, exchanged, processed and arranged each other’s raw material (samples and field recordings) into a series of compositions that grew and coalesced into “The Hadron Suite”. The music, spanning 68 minutes, is varying between electroacoustic sci-fi drone and granular noise. more info & samples here