more kicks than pricks, new phase! batch

(PHR-80) SLICING GRANDPA – The Abstracticator CDR
(PHR-79) ARKLIGHT / DEAD GUM split C60
(PHR-78) COCKS OF THE DEAD – Blowskull Tape 2 C20
(PHR-77) WHAM JAH – Wham Jazz CDR

so far we have little physical evidence of this new PHASE! batch, but lucky for us panagiotis is at the top of his game in terms of documentation. I won’t be betting my dick on what’s inside, having only his casually over-the-top blurbs to go by, but i can tell you for one that PHR-77 has one Lost Body colliding with a Reversed Mouth and that’s something to begin with. The rest i imagine to be at least plain weird with a guaranteed minimum of sonic destruction.

oh and here is the, recently posted, complete (2002-2010) PHASE! discography:
like, wtf??