infinity *

saturday november the 6th @ knot gallery (mihalakopoulou 206 st & pyrrou st,

as usual it was born out of a joke, better say a question while arranging ideas for 2011 w/ dimitra, michalis, giannis & danai during a hot august night when michalis wondered of what shall we do till 2011? the idea for an ash nav live was dropped by giannis a couple of months ago and as we both share the enthusiasm for the project’s work we were for it waiting for the right place & right time to materialize it.

the idea of prequel of absurd’s ‘bye bye butterfly’  in athens but in slight different sounds was also in mind as some friends wanted an athens thing too, so w/out second thoughts within seconds the line up was almost ready as all drove crazy w/ a line up we came up.

so add  the enthusiasm for the all girl garage sounds of the mongrelettes and the psych out ones of ashtray navigations plus a blend of earzumba’s psychotic sampladelia
and you get a freak out compendium to infinity!!!!

the mongrelettes

ashtray navigations


more infos soon, also through knot at

* title taken from the john coltrane ‘infinity’ LP (being the record we’ve been listening at the moment the idea was dropped & the decision was taken and hell couldn’t fit a better title to this ‘party’!!!!)